Light Blue Bird

14 magnetic blocks - Toy for kids and adults - Small building blocks

Color series






Number of blocks

14 pcs

Box dimensions

8x8x1 cm

Box weight

16.96 g

To spot birds, all you have to do is look up at the sky. These joyful inhabitants of the blue heavens cut through the air with their wings. And now you’ll have your own sky blue PIXIO Bird. You’ll get 14 light blue PIXIO blocks to make your bird. Block by block, your creation is born: you don't need a nest or an egg. The fate of your bird is literally in your hands.

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Create with Light Blue Bird

Feel the pixel!

Unleashes the creative mind

Use your imagination to explore immersive fantasy worlds

PIXIO world
Hand holding a PIXIO cube

Simply perfect

0.3-inch side cube is fully compatible with any other PIXIO magnetic block sets. Feel how much care and love was put into each little block.

Hand holding a PIXIO figure

Engaging tactile experience

Inside each PIXIO block is a unique design of magnets - connecting with each other, the blocks seem to come to life in your hands.


Bright and fancy

Once you pick up a block, it will be hard to drop! Enjoy a universe of endless fun and possibilities with PIXIO!

PIXIO figures

Free application included

Enjoy a top-notch virtual art experience for creative expression and recognition.

PIXIO figures getting shuffled

Shuffle the ideas

With one set of blocks, you can build as you can imagine. Construct flawless structures that are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Try it and you’ll see that once you connect your first block, you won’t be able to stop!

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