Community Rules

  1. User shall not use the Service:
    1. for any purposes, in any way or manner that is illegal, unlawful, not desirable or unacceptable in society;
    2. for any purpose prohibited in the Agreement, this COMMUNITY RULES or ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY or that may be harmful to the Company’s goodwill, name, reputation, business or lead to any fees, costs, expenses, sanctions, penalties, claims, court or arbitration procedures, enforcement actions, against the Company, etc.
  2. The User shall not assist to other Users in breaching this Agreement, COMMUNITY RULES or ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY, and shall not encourage such breaches;
  3. User shall not try to receive access to the account of any other User or perform any acts from the account of another User, unless the specific authorization for such access is granted by a User;
  4. User shall not perform any acts aimed at a breach of the normal functioning of the Service; User shall also not disseminate, launch or use viruses, Trojan horses, and other harmful software (exe files, object codes in any form, etc.) within the Service;
  5. User shall not use automated programs (bots, robots, "spiders", scrapers, and other programs having similar functions) and scripts through its account and in any connection with the Service, in particular, for the collection of the information, for mass or targeted distribution of messages, data, information (spam, etc.);
  6. Shall not use any third-party’s applications or develop its own applications that interact with the Service or other Users’ Content, Comments or information without Company`s prior written consent;
  7. User shall not probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of the Company`s Services or any system or network without Company’s prior written consent;
  8. User shall not override any security feature or bypass or circumvent any access controls or limits implemented by the Company.
  9. User shall honor an intellectual property rights of any person and shall not create, place, publish any materials (Content, files) anywhere within the Service or in connection with the Service, which violates in any way or manner the intellectual property rights of others;
  10. User shall honor an intellectual property rights of any person and shall not create, place, publish any materials (Content, files) anywhere within the Service or in connection with the Service, which:
    1. propagandize war, violence, and discrimination aimed at the fomentation of ethnic, racial, and religious hostility; call to encroaching on the human rights and liberties, to commit crimes against peace and safety of the mankind, terrorism, extremism, any other offenses, etc.;
    2. propagandize fascism, nazism, or any other racial prevalence ideology;
    3. propagandize criminal activities or contain advice or instructions concerning the performance of criminal acts;
    4. contain aggressive utterances and threats, scenes of violence and cruelty;
    5. contain scenes of inhuman and cruel treatment of animals;
    6. contain a description or images of the means or methods of committing suicide or consuming prohibited drugs as well as solicitation of the performance of the relevant acts;
    7. contain pornography as well as the images of the intimate zones of humans, animals and fantastic creatures;
    8. objectively have an extremely unpleasant nature being shocking for perception and are vulgar and obscene;
    9. contain abuse, slander, defamation; discredit; humiliate and defame the honor, dignity and business reputation of the other Users or third parties;
    10. breach other rights and legal interests of Users or third parties including legal entities, international organizations, public bodies, entire states, etc.;
    11. contain viruses, Trojan programs, and other harmful software (exe files, any form of an object code, etc.).
  11. User shall not:
    1. use the Service for communication or distribution of unauthorized commercial messages (advertising, spam) among the other Users;
    2. engage and solicit other Users to be engaged in unlawful network marketing, shall not organize and involve other Users in pyramid investment schemes, fraudulent activities, illegal or manned games, games of chance (gambling) and in other unlawful activities using the Service in any way or manner;
    3. carry out any unauthorized collection and processing of the personal data of the other Users and third parties without their explicit consent;
    4. mislead the other Users;
    5. place any materials (content, files) anywhere within the Service, which he/she is not entitled to place in accordance with the applicable laws, in particular, the intellectual property laws, limited-access information protection laws, etc.;
  12. User shall not perform any acts:
    1. having the nature of threats, jeopardizing, persecution, discrimination, abuse, deceit, or some other unlawful influence on the other users;
    2. breaching the rights and legal interests of the other users;
    3. making the other Users’ comfortable use of the Service impossible otherwise.
  13. It is strictly forbidden for User to use of or access to the App, Service, Website for commercial purposes and You shall not, directly or indirectly, be allowed and shall refrain from selling, distributing or re-distributing, licensing, renting, assigning, leasing, hosting, transmitting, outsourcing or otherwise commercially exploiting the App, Website, Service or any of their parts.